Monday, 25 July 2016

Forty Seven Candles

Here is the mundane truth about me and my birthday: I never had a thing for it.

July 25, 2016
Given I am a true summer baby we were almost never home on the 25th of July so my friends and candles and a cake always arrived belated on a self-selected day in September, once school resumed and my mom would throw me an at-home party -- Serbia in the '70's was far from Jungle gym's and party places. There was also no Echo Age invites. What a blessing! 

In truth, the long gone yet not forgotten shy version of me (oh yes, there actually was such a thing), always kind of felt embarrassed to be the centre of attention - to use the scientific language I answer my little kids' questions about 'birds and bees' with - just for the sheer fact I plopped out of my mom's woo-woo on this particular day. The mama in question claims she held off the contractions until she witnessed the safe return of the Apollo 11 crew, then rushed to the hospital and well... plopped me.
July 25, 1969

But then the Internet and Facebook and SMS and Viber and What'sApp and Messenger came and this all changed. Since the wee hours of this day, starting as far away as Australia and East as India all the way through Asia and the Middle East (shalom mischpacha!) and Europe - with the strong presence on the Balkans of course - and from top to bottom of the African continent only to be swung from Brazil all the way to Colombia arriving via US back home to Canada, you guys changed my relationship with my date of birth.

So what did the 'Birthday Girl' do on her Birthday and first day back to work after a vacation?

As a gift from me to me, I started the day early, with my friend Amy kick my Birthday ass over at the Harmony fitness. Tabata drill. Plank walks, Russian twists and incline of 15. Thanks Amy, I can barely walk!

Then, in one of the Hospital Diabetes Centres I serve, with the assistance of a translator I started a young mother on CGM. As of tonight she will no longer be afraid of hypoglycaemia. There is nothing more rewarding then being a part of the renewed hope for an easier and healthier life of a Type 1 Diabetes patient. This is my life's work and my biggest gift today and every day.

At day's end, I got to hang out with my crew: my husband and my boys. Got home made cards and hugs and kisses and flowers to wear on my head! We don't do gifts. We do feelings. The whole month of July this year brought fireworks of love with the trip to Europe and back home home.
My B-day gift of LOVE

Our home is all quiet now and I've just finished listening to and re-reading all your messages.

Your shower of love and attention ringed and pinged and dinged every hour of today making me giggle and bask in the attention. You sent good wishes and cards and hugs and funny faces and also some profoundly beautiful things you had to say about me. You called and texted and e-mailed. You nudged me to enjoy my day and forget about calories. You sang and even made me sing. And you made me love my birthday.
Thank you! THANK YOU!
Hey DaDa - I do LOVE my B-day!